Founder of the Company – Aleksandr Andreyevich Molkov- graduated from Radiophysics Faculty of Nizhny Novgorod Lobachevsky State University, being a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. His beginning of designer’s activities dates back to 2002. In the period from 2008 till 2015 he has been designing boards, powerboats and yachts under brand name of Water Style (“Vodny Stil”) with simultaneous attracting real professionals in the sphere of design, 3D-modelling, visualization and hydrodynamics. In 2015 he founded his own studio “FIVE DIMENSIONS Yacht Design”.

During 13 years of design activities (from 2002 till 2015):

- has implemented more than 20 design projects, more than 10 redesign projects of boats, powerboats and yachts, more than 10 working designs of motorboats in serial production till nowadays, more than 10 ship interiors, more than 30 designs of trailers, keelblocks, auxiliary and load carrying structures;

- has worked out extensive base of three-dimensional deck equipment facilities, parts of interior, navigation equipment, power units (inboard and outboard motors) and other things. With their help high accuracy of design is achieved, the interior, control room and deck space ergonomics is worked-out with high quality;

- author’s control is carried out concerning assembly of more than 10 serial production modern motorboats and powerboats, assembly technology is worked out, production experience is acquired;

- has mastered significant amount of 3D modeling programs, sheet material cutting, calculation of statics and hydrodynamics, visualization (rendering).    

            The following shall be mentioned among the implemented projects:

Design project of Berkut Torpedo Boat modernization belonging to Fleet Admiral of the USSR, Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Navy, double hero of the Soviet Union S.G. Gorshkov




Design project of Ovation motor yacht


Design project of Retro 600 powerboat


Design project of Retro 38 powerboat


Design project of Bravo 750 Expedition motor yacht


Working project of motor boat Trimarin 500 Cabin super structure


Working project of RiverCraft 47 motor boat


You can see the list of all projects HERE.

News & events

Начались работы над вторым поколением "Геофизика"

В основу проекта положено судно Bravo 750 Геофизик + новые требования.

2301.2016
Коллектив студии поздравляет всех с НОВЫМ ГОДОМ!!!

Коллектив студии поздравляет всех с Новым годом! Пусть он будет мирным, творческим и добрым! Всем попутного ветра, 7 футов под килем и океана эмоций!!!

1101.2016
Долгожданный спуск на воду яхты проекта Retro 850

Состоялся долгожданный спуск на воду моторной яхты в ретро-стиле, оснащение и строительство деревянной части которой длилось на протяжении последнего года.

1709.2015
Спущена на воду первая моторная лодка проекта Bravo 45

Успешно пройдены ходовые испытания лодки, показавшие отличную управляемость и быстрый выходит на глиссер. Дан зеленый свет серийному производству.

2307.2015

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